Do not get Dr. Logan at Georgia Ear Institute in Savannah Georgia

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I had severe ear pain for 2 weeks.I called Georgia Ear and they made me an appointment to see Dr.

Logan. He looked in my ears, which I wS uncomfortable to be honest because he was 70 years old with very thick glasses. He drained my ears with no explination. He then left me mid sentence to answer a personal cell phone call!

He gave me ear drops and nasal spray. By the end of the week, my ears sealed shut. At nHe said to call if I got worse, which I did so I did, and he gave me different Antibiotics. By now I was completely deaf with vertigo.

At night I prayed for my eardrums to rupture so I would get relief. A friend of mine got me an emergency appt with another doctor in the practice. He told me I had been misdiagnosed and the drops had made my eaRs worse! So then I followed up with doc 2 and I'm doing well.

I got 3 bills and dr. LOGAN'S BILL WAS almost double the second doctor's! For a misdiagnosis. So I called the office manager to say I won't pay.

She agreed. A month later same bill. She tried to blame the billing department. Dr.

Logan needs to retire.

I was very close to getting a malpractice laWyer.So avoid Georgia Ear in Savannah, Georgia!

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